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Terje Mikael Hasle Joranger

Ola Mestad
The Impact of the US Constitution on the Norwegian Constitution and on Emigration to America

• Ådne Løvstad
Norwegians Fighting for Freedom in America: Why the Scandinavians had their own Regiment in the Civil War of 1861–65

• Birger Løvlie
The Concept of Freedom in Theological and Political Debates in the 1870s

• Steffen Sætereie
Norske sjømenn på rømmen i Nord-Amerika, 1862–1913

• Daron W. Olson
His Mother’s Song: The Ethnolandscapes of Norwegian-American Male Visitors to Norway during the 1914 Eidsvoll Centennial

•Jarle Simensen
Migrant Identity in Academia: Professor Paul Knaplund (1885-1964), University of Wisconsin

• David C. Mauk
The Norwegian American Ancestry Group in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Area, 1975-2000

• Lizette Gradén
Selected Stops along the Norwegian Highway: Norwegian- American Heritage Practice in Seattle after 1945

• Hjelde, Arnstein and Johannessen, Janne Bondi
Amerikanorsk: Orda vitner om kontakt mellom folk

• Ingeborg Kongslien
Freedom from and Freedom to: Nordic Narratives of Migration and Quests for Freedom

• Earlier NAHA-Norway Publications
• Contributors


Serien Norwegian-American Essay inneholder utvalgte artikler fra NAHA-seminarene, som holdes hvert tredje år.

Nedenfor er en kort beskrivelse av utgivelsene i Essays-serien 1986–2014.
Essays on Norwegian-American Literature and History
 (Vol. I).
Dorothy B. Skårdal and Ingeborg R. Kongslien, editors, NAHA-Norway,
375 pp., Oslo 1986.I. Norwegian-American Literature”Nicolai Severin Hassel: Early Norwegian-American Novelist” by Veslemøy Steensnæs Omenaas. “H.A. Foss: Norwegian-American Author and Editor” by Svein Ove Sandvik. “Ole Amundsen Buslett: Norwegian-American Author”by Liv Smith. “Drude Krog Janson: Norwegian-American and Norwegian Writer” by Sigrun Røssbø. “Lars Andreas Stenholt: Popular Author and Radical” by Odd Gunnar Andreassen. “Peer Strømme in Two Worlds” by Robert L. Berner. “Christian Nephi Anderson: Popular Mormon Author of Norwegian Origin”by Ole Podhorny. “Jon Norstog: A Problematic Author?” by Arne Sunde. “The Americanization of Two Norwegian-American Institutions as Depicted in the Works of Simon Johnson” by Drew Rodgers. “Johannes B. Wist” by Solveig Zempel. “Waldemar Ager: Norwegian-American Sisyphus” by Kenneth Smemo. “Theme and Structure in O.E. Rølvaag’s Immigrant Triology” by Ingeborg R. Kongslien. “Dorthea Dahl: Norwegian-American Author of Everyday Life” by Hilde Petra Brungot. “Borghild M. Dahl: Second-Generation Norwegian-American Author” by Barbara Alnæs. “Eyvind Johnson Evans: Norwegian Immigrant Writer” by Judith Ann Torvik. “Generational Conflict in Three Norwegian-American Novels” by Ingeborg Seel Bahr.II. Norwegian-American History

“Norwegian-American Historical Scholarship: A Survey of Its History and a Look to the Future” by Odd S. Lovoll. “The Dual Heritage: Theodore C. Blegen, Marcus Lee Hanson, and the Norwegian Americans” by Ole O. Moen. “Demographic Consequences of the Emigration to America from Torpa, 1865-1890” by Arvid Sandaker. “The Old Apostolic Lutheran Church of Calumet, Michigan” by May Lunde. “There were Norwegians in Missouri too” by Frank G. Nelson. “Emil Lauritz Mengshoel: A Norwegian-American Socialist” by Odd-Stein Granhus. “Political Power in Norwegian America: Knute Nelson’s Political Career 1878-1905” by Torgeir E. Fjørtoft. “Andrew Furuseth: Norwegian-American Preservationist, Prophet, and AFL Propagandist” by David C. Mauk. “Norwegian-American Artists” by Rolf H. Erickson. “Det litterære samfund (The Literary Society of Chicago” by Helen Fletre.

Essays on Norwegian-American Literature and History, Vol.II.
Øyvind T. Gulliksen, Ingeborg R. Kongslien, Dina Tolfsby, editors., NAHA-Norway,
220 pp., Oslo 1990.

“Henrik Ibsen and Ole Bull” by Einar Haugen. “Scandinavian Immigrants on a Pluralistic Frontier: Iowa, 1834-1860” by John R. Christianson. “Ved Arnen: Content Analysis of the Literary Supplement to Decorah-Posten” by Helen E. Hansen. “Gender and Ethnicity” by Janet Rasmussen. “Arnfinn Bruflot: Norsk-amerikansk etterkrigsforfattar” by Arne Sunde. “Kinship and Crossing: The Role of Family and Community in the Migrations from Inner Hardanger 1836-1900″by Ann M. Legreid. “The Wisconsin Regiment in the American Civil War” by Harry T. Cleven. “The Emigration to North America from the Provinces of Troms and Finmark as Reflected in Three Northern Norwegian Newspapers 1860-1900” by May Lunde. “The Americanization of a Norwegian Immigrant: Knute Nelson” by Millard L. Gieske. “Emil L. Mengshoel: Sosialistisk avisutgiver og forfatter” by Odd-Stein Granhus. “O. A. Tveitmoe vs. the Asiatics” by Pat M. Ryan. “Going on the Land: Maritime Influences on the Development of the Norwegian Colony in Brooklyn to 1940” by David Mauk. “A Comparison of the Norwegian and American Constitutions” by Ole O. Moen. “Mormons and the Norwegian Constitution: A Look at the Application of Intended Constitutional Law” by Gerald M. Haslam. “Gjeninnvandringa til Ørsta på Sunnmøre” by Ragnar Standal. “Report on the Returned-Emigrant Project” by Knut Djupedal. “Images of the Minister in Norwegian-American Literature” by Lloyd Hustvedt.

Norsk språk i Amerika / Norwegian Language in America (Vol. III)
Botolv Helleland, red.,
235 pp. NAHA-Noreg/Novus forlag, Oslo 1991.

“Innleiing” by Botolv Helleland. “Norsk språk i Amerika: Kilder og forskning” by Hallvard Dørum. “Thor M. Andersen’s Norway in America: Bibliographical Collections” by Per Seyersted. “Norsk skriftspråk i Amerika” by Einar Haugen. “Nynorsk i Amerika” by Arne Sunde. “Drag frå målet i Norrøna” by Dagfinn Worren. “Norskspråklige innslag i amerikansk litteratur” by Solveig Zempel. “Undersøking av trøndske dialektar i Midtvesten: Problem i samband med feltarbeid og klassifikasjon” av Arnstein Hjelde.”The Influence of a Norwegian Substratum on the Pronunciation of Norwegian-American in the Upper Midwest” by Per Moen. “Etternamn hos norske immigrantar i USA” by Peter Hallaråker. “Norske stadnamn i Coon Valley, Wisconsin: Møte mellom to tradisjonar” by Arne Kruse. “Personnamngransking som middel til å oppspore slektsrøter i Noreg” av Gulbrand Alhaug. “Norske fornavn i Amerika – Angloamerikanske fornavn i Norge” av Anne Svanevik.

Norwegian-American Essays (Vol. IV)
Knut Djupedal, Øyvind T. Gulliksen, Ingeborg Kongslien, David C. Mauk, Hans Storhaug, Dina Tolfsby, eds.
142 pp. NAHA-Norway, Norwegian Emigrant Museum, The Norwegian Emigration Center.
Oslo, Hamar, Stavanger 1993.

“A Speech Given in Honor of Lloyd Hustvedt’s Seventieth Birthday on April 12, 1992” by Siri Hustvedt. “Augsburg Publishing House: The Penultimate Chapter of Norwegian-American Literature” by Orm Øverland. “Julebukk: Christmas Masquerading in Norwegian America” by Kathleen Marie Stokker. “Rølvaag as Translator: Translations of Rølvaag” by Solveig Zempel. “Nils Otto Tank: Fra Halden til Wisconsin” by Harald Næss. “Norwegian Theater in Chicago: From Peak to Demise” by Thomas Høegh. “No Longer Freedom’s Land”: Scandinavians return from America, 1900-1930″ by Mark Wyman. “Report on the Returned Emigrant Project” by Knut Djupedal. “Over the Beds Hung Baskets Where the Children Slept”: Case Studies in Frontier Population Dynamics” by Ann M. Legreid. “Norwegian-American Seminar IV: NAHA-Norway, Voss, August 12-15, 1992”

Norwegian-American Essays 1996 (Vol. V)
Øyvind T. Gulliksen, David C. Mauk, Dina Tolfsby, eds.
261 pp.  NAHA-Norway, The Norwegian Emigrant Museum, Oslo, Hamar 1996.

“Better than a Visit to the Old Country”: The Stevne of the Sognalag in America” by Odd S. Lovoll. “Reflections on the Roots of American Ethnicity” by Elliot Robert Barkan. “Embraced by Fields of Boulders” : Household, Landscape, and Economy in Eidfjord, Hardanger, in the Aftermath of the Mass Migration” by Ann Marie Legreid. “And, you know, not all Norwegians are blond…”: The Process of Ethnicization in the Norwegian Settlement Communities in the American Middle West” by Jon Gjerde. “The Influence of the Church on the Assimilation of Danish Americans” by Jette Mackintosh. “Ørkenen Sur and Other Cultural Adaptations to Economic Adversity among Brooklyn Norwegians during the 1930s”  by David C. Mauk. “Emigration from Northern Norway: A Frontier Phenomenon? Some Perspectives and Hypotheses” by Einar Niemi.”Hjemvendte emigranter i Nordland” by Knut Djupedal. “Økt kvinneutvandring fra nord-norske byer på slutten av 1800-tallet og fram til 1915” by Vibeke Flå. “Simon Johnson’sFrom Fjord to Prairie (1916) as a Forerunner of Ole Rølvaag’s Giants in the Earth(1927)” by Dorothy Burton Skårdal. “Learning to Read Immigrant Letters: Reflections towards a Textual Theory” by Orm Øverland. “Immigrant Literature: Double Perspectives and Cultural Conflicts” by Ingeborg R. Kongslien. “Odd S. Lovoll-Bibliography “Norwegian-American Seminar V, Sogndal, June 27-30, 1994.”

Kristian Prestgard: Fra Heidal til Decorah. Veien jeg gikk (Vol. VI)
Gudmund Harildstad, ed.,
184 pp. Snøhetta forlag a.s./NAHA-Norge, Otta 1996.

Norwegian-American Essays 1999 (Vol. VII)
Ingeborg Kongslien, Dina Tolfsby, eds.
284 pp. 
NAHA-Norway, The Norwegian Emigrant Museum in collaboration with Unipub forlag, Oslo and Hamar 1999.

“The Future of Norwegian-American Studies” by Orm Øverland. “DE PLURIBUS UNA/E PLURIBUS UNUS. Matthew Arnold, George Orwell, Holocaust, and Assimilation: Notes on the American Multiculturalism Debate” by Werner Sollors. “…emigrasjon i blodet”? Den etniske dimensjonen ved nordskandinavisk transatlantisk utvandring” av Einar Niemi. “Faith, Feeling, and Superstition: Health and Mortality Issues among Scandinavian Immigrants in America” by Ann M. Legreid. “Helle Mengshoel, Olav Kringen and The Russian Revolution: Transatlantic Reflections in an Age of Radicalism” by Robert Mikkelsen. “Some Reflections on an Evolving Self-Definition: Norwegian Americans in the City or Urban Whte Working-Class Ethnics?” by David Mauk. “White Ethnics, Reagan Democrats, and Neoliberalism: In Search of a Lost Consensus” by Ole Moen. ” ‘Was This the Place’ Reading and Re-Reading Ole Edvart Rølvaag on the Centennial of His Leaving Home” by Michael B. Aune. “Dannelse fremfor alt”: Marcus Thrane, a Playwright with a Purpose, ” by Terje Leiren. “Lyrikk som forteljing: Ludvig Limas Norsk-Amerikanske Digte i Udvalg” av Arne Sunde.

“ME by Brenda Ueland, Feminist, Journalist, and Norwegian American” by Judith Torvik. “The Background, Development, and Assimilation Process of a Norwegian-American Community in the American South” by Mette Løvås. “Teutons, Brahmins, Skraellings, and Others: The Cultural Meanings of Viking Exploration Narratives” by JoAnne M. Mancini. Appendix I: “Multilingual America and the Longfellow Institute” by Werner Sollors. Appendix II: “Norway in America: The Thor M. Andersen Bibliography (TMA” by Dina Tolfsby. “Dorothy Burton Skårdal: Bibliography of Publications in Scandinavian-American Immigration Studies” “Norwegian-American Seminar VI”

En annotert bibliografi over litteratur om norsk utvandring 1975-1998. (Vol. VIII).
Jostein Molde, red. Oslo og Hamar, 1999.

Saa nær hverandre: Ei samling Amerikabrev fra Midtvesten til Nissedal 1850-1875(Vol. IX).
Øyvind T. Gulliksen. NAHA Norge og Nissedal Historielag. Bø i Telemark og Oslo, 1999.

Saa nær hverandre: Ei samling Amerikabrev fra Midtvesten til Nissedal 1850-1875 (Vol. IX). Øyvind T. Gulliksen. NAHA Norge og Nissedal Historielag. Bø i Telemark og Oslo, 1999.

Norwegian-American Essays 2001(Vol. X)
Harry T. Cleven, Knut Djupedal, Ingeborg Kongslien, Dina Tolfsby, eds.
262 pp. NAHA-Norway and The Norwegian Emigrant Museum, Oslo and Hamar 2001.

“Ingrid Semmingsen, Pioneer Scholar” by Sivert Langholm. “The Changing Nature of American Immigration and Ethnicity, 1825-2000” by Roger Daniels. “The Creation of Historical Memory in a Multicultural Society” by Odd S. Lovoll. “On Northern Latitudes: Scandinavian Immigrants in Canada” by Harald Runblom. “The Skudenes Database: A Tool for Shedding Light on Emigration from Karmøy to North America” by Olav Tysdal. “Ethinicity and Traditions in the Rural Middle West: A Case Study of the Blue Mounds Settlement in Wisconsin” by Terje Mikael Hasle Joranger. “The Role of Norwegian Quakers in the Early Emigration to America” by Hans Eirik Aarek. “Life, Cohesion and Settlement Patterns among Norwegian Quaker Immigrants in America” by Trond Sviland. “Religion and Ethnicity: Perspectives on American Immigration History” by Dag Blanck. “Pastors and Politics: The Interaction Between Scandinavian-American Ministers and Politicians in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries” by Jørn Brøndal. “…’ and they take care of the fatherless’: Perspectives on the Child Welfare System among Norwegian Immigrants in America” by Ann M. Legreid. “Assimilasjonsprosessen i Waldemar Agers Paa veien til smeltepotten” , av Øyvind T. Gulliksen. “Norwegian husmannsånd Encountering American Success: Feelings of Inferiority or Pride? by Hilde Petra Brungot. “Theodor Kittelsen og utvandringen” av Turid Haye. “American Influence in Norway: The Case of Sigurd Ibsen” by Terje Leiren. “The Promise of America Website” by Dina Tolfsby. “Ingrid Semmingsen Bibliography”.



Norwegian-American Essays 2004 (Vol. XI)
Orm Øverland, Harry T. Cleven, eds.
318 pp. NAHA-Norway and The Norwegian Emigrant Museum, Oslo and Hamar 2004.


“Introduction” by Orm Øverland. “Freedom and the Immigrant Myth: European Immigrants in the United States” by Jon Gjerde. “Wedding Customs among Norwegian-American Lutherans, 1860-1950” by Todd W. Nichol. “Substantial or Relational Explanations? The Exclusion and Inclusion of Newcomers: The Norwegian Case” by Knut Kjeldstadli. “Norwegian Imigrants, Wisconsin Tribes and the Bethany Indian Mission in Wittenberg, Wisconsin” by Betty Bergland. “From Psalm Book to Yankee Song: Religious Music as a Reflection of Cultural Change in Norwegian Aemrica” by Camilla Cai. “Jon Norstogs bibliotek” by Øyvind T. Gulliksen. “The Migration of Tradition” by Terje Mikael Hasle Joranger. “Kvinden og Hjemmet: Sixty Years of Succes” by Åse Elin Langeland. Norskdommens Høydepunkt: 1880-1914, the Golden Age of the Norwegian Immigrant Community in Minneaplis.St. Paul” by David Mauk. “Norwegian-American DEcorated Cloth: A Subset of American Publishers’ Bindings, 1860-1930” by Susanne Nevin. “Emigrant Culture: The “Psychological Factor” in Norwegian Emigration History” by Nils Olav Østrem. “The Bigamous Marriage of Elise and Wilhelm Wærenskjold” by Charles Russell. “Building an Ideal Image: The Creative Translation of the Linka Preus Diary” by Marvin G. Slind. “Jonas Lie: Norwegian Silver in the American Melting Pot” by Dina Tolfsby


Norwegian-American Essays 2008 (Vol. XII)
Øyvind T. Gulliksen, Harry T. Cleven, eds
260 pp. NAHA-Norway and The Norwegian Emigrant Museum, Oslo and Hamar 2008

“Introduction” by Øyvind T. Gulliksen. “Cultural Memory and Migration in Orabel Thortvedt’s Narrative, ‘Buffalo River: A Tale of the Emigrant and the Pioneer’” by Betty Bergland. “Among Norwegian Concert Fiddlers in the Midwest: The Story of Knut Dahle” by Anne Svånung Haugan. “Sister Elisabeth Fedde: A Light of Hope to Sick and Needy Immigrants in New York City” by Kristin Adrian Kavli. “Recruiting Pastors for Norwegian-American Lutheran Churches: A Study of Norwegian Pastors in America and Their Background” by Anderas Aarflot. “Growing Up in Norwegian-American Communities: A Preliminary Study of Childhood, Adolescence, and Young Adulthood” by Lori Ann Lahlum. “The Dissolution of Sweden-Norway: The View from Decorah, Iowa, in 1905” by Marvin Slind. “Norwegian Americans in the Pacific Northwest: Fading Migrations by Enduring Memories” by Elliott Robert Barkan. “Recovering Memories of Migration: NAHA and the Making of a Collection of Immigrant Letters in the Norwegian National Archives, 1923-1929” by Orm Øverland. “The Rise of Jonas Olsen and the Language of Johannes B. Wist: A Translator’s Nightmare” by Solveig Zempel. Ole E. Rølvaag’s Beret and the Female Gothic” by Jaspreet Kaur Gloppen. “NAHA-Norway: A Brief History” by May Lunde.

Norwegian-Amerian Essays 2011 (Vol. XIII)

“Transnationalism and the Norwegian-American Experience”

Øyvind T. Gulliksen, Harry T. Cleven, eds.

260 pp. NAHA-Norway, Novus Press, Oslo 2011


“Introduction” by Øyvind T. Gulliksen. “The United States: A Nation of Immigrants in the Past and Future” by Jon Gjerde. “Jon Gjerde’s Immigrant America” by S. Deborah Kang. “Emigrant Hardanger Fiddlers from Valdres, Norway: An Eximination of Cultural Contacts” by Laura Ellestad. “Localizing Transnational Norwegians: Exploring Nationalism, Language, and labor Markets in Early Twentieth Century North Dakota” by Karen V. Hansen and Ken Chih-Yan Sun. “The Challenge of the Land: The Norwegian-American Immigrant Farmer” by Terje Mikael Hasle Joranger. “Altarpieces in Early Norwegian Lutheran Churches” by Nils Christian Eldal. “Lessons from the China Mission” by Peter A Scholl. “Listening to Immigrant Voices: Reflections on Completing Seven Volumes of Letters from Norwegian Immigrants 1838-1914” by Orm Øverland. “The Past before Us: Oral History and the Norwegian-American Experience” by Odd S. Lovoll. “The Karmøy Club of Washington” by Terje Garvik. Earlier Publications of NAHA-Norway.

Norwegian-American Essays 2014
 (Vol. XIV)
“Migrant Journeys: The Norwegian-American experience in a Multicultural Context”
Terje Mikael Hasle Joranger, Harry T. Cleven, eds.
328 pp. NAHA-Norway, Novus Press, Oslo 2014

“Introduction” by Terje Mikael Hasle Joranger. “The Dream of a Norwegian University in America: Luther College, 1861-2011” by John R. Christianson. “Migration and the Norwegian Ethnic Press, 1847-2010” by Odd S. Lovoll. “Norskamerikanske kirker og integreringsprosessen. Holdninger til integrering I norskamerikanske kirker i 1880-årene” by Kari G. Hempel. «On Both Sides of the Atlantic: Transnational Celebrations of Norwegian National Identity, 1925-1939» by Daron W. Olson. “The Arts and Crafts Movement, Norwegian Nationalism, and Complementary Identity in Chicago, 1889-1917” by David S. Faldet. “Bothering the Brains of the Learned: Norwegian-American Ethnic Identity and Perceptions of the Kensington Runestone in American Popular Culture” by Harris Burkhalter.”Lingering Vestiges of Heritage: The Fate of Washington’s Selbu Community” by Marvin Slind. “Norwegian Americans in Minneapolis-St. Paul, 1945-75: Transformed by the Continuing Journey” by David C. Mauk. “Ole Rasmussen Dahl’s Drawings of the Southern Prisons of U.S. Officers during the American Civil War” by David Kamm. ‘”What’s the meaning of it all:’ Poetry and Politics in Peter Rosendahl’s Photograps from Spring Grove, Minnesota” by Sigrid Lien. “Norways’s and Norwegian Americans’ Strategies for Recognition by the United States in the Summer of 1905 and President Roosevelt’s Response” by Ola Mestad. “Earlier Publications of NAHA-Norway.”